Wetland Delineation Field Equipment


Wetland delineation is the process of determining whether an area has water bodies and if so the extent of the water bodies.  This exercise is important are in many countries there are laws and regulation protecting the water bodies.  Some water bodies are seasonal there will only be visible during certain weather periods. Therefore there may be restriction on constructing, making it necessary for real estate developers to examine the land for its acquisition.

 Equipment used in wetland delineation is.

 The exercise will require acquiring updated water bodies maps.  The purpose of the map is to give a guideline on where to start the exercise.

GPS units this will be used hand in hand with the map.  The purpose is to assist the researcher to know the area directions. Purchase the Wetland Delineation Soil Chart here!

Mud boots.  It is necessary to wear shoes that are appropriate for the field exercise. This are essential to protect the person's feet.

 Spades and digging tools are also necessary.  The field exercise involves getting underneath soil by digging deep holes.

 Tools for taking photos that can work in water.  Some underground areas may not be accessible by the researcher that observation will per taken by use of an underground camera.  The area has water hence the need for a camera with ability to take shots in the water.  It is also essential for the Waterproof GPS camera batteries to be long lasting.  Also, it is good to carry a normal designed camera for taking general field picture.  Specification required is camera ability to focus the light well and produce good pictures.

 Pictures for different types of soils.  Soil experts have developed a chart showing the different color characteristics of soils in different area thus helping the researcher match the area soil with notes on the chart.  The chart has given the soil color of a water body, therefore the task of the researchers is to dig the soil and see if it matches.

 Size of the area estimation tools.  The next step after identifying the area as a wetland is measuring its size. This will involving digging various distant holes in the area and measuring the distance occupied by the wetland.  For this exercise, the researcher will require measurement tools.  In addition the exercise develops the end areas of the wetland.

 Notes taking is also an important exercise of any research.  Thus it is vital to acquire stationery necessary for the field task. This will be used to record the findings of their exercise.

Wetland delineation is an important exercise and should be performed after a passing of a given period for example every ten years. This is because with the changes in climate some water bodies may cease to exist while others may be created. To get more ideas on how to choose the right Wetland Delineation field equipment, go to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nJ9W5TGbanI .