Essentials for Wetland Delineation


Have you ever been involved in essential wetland delineation process in any field?  There are essential field gears that are used in this process so as to make it successful.   A field camera which has some specific features is one of the crucial equipment for this process.  Durability, taking high resolution photos and being to use with easy are some of the features that the camera being used in this process should have. 

 The camera should also be waterproof and GPS enabled to ensure more success in the process. The camera should also be shockproof and built in Wi-Fi.  This process is being undertaken in wetlands and hence the need to have a waterproof camera to avoid its damage in case it comes into contact with water.  the feature of being shockproof is to ensure that the underwater camera does not get damaged if it falls down.

If you incorporate another device like a smartphone you will be able to transfer data from the camera to that smartphone.   the important location data can be gotten by the camera through its GPS feature.  A battery that can keep charge for long and a large screen are also other features the camera should have.  Nikon COOLPIX AW130 waterproof digital camera with built in Wi-Fi has most of these features making it one of the best options.

The soil color chart is the other important gear that one need in this process.  This chat is important such that it is the one to be used to complete the wetland sample point's horizon part in this process of wetland delineation. The standards in this process were determined using the Munsell soil color chart which has been replaced by the globe professional soil color book.  The fact that this chat was expensive and was not waterproof made it to be replaced. 

In this process you also need the wetland muck boots. These mud work boots ensure that you do not get any problem with mad when walking in the wetlands.   While in the field you need to make notes and therefore you need a waterproof field notebook.

The next tool that you need is a soil knife which is to be used during the soil profile inspection.  It is always important to make sure that you have a rain jacket with yourself to protect you from rain which is common in such terrain. The wetland delineation flags are also used during this process and hence it is important to have them.   You also need a backpack to carry water and other effective with a lot of ease at all times. To read more about Wetland Delineation, just go to .